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Student Groups

MSU has over 700 registered student organizations, including these related to European, Russian, and Eurasian studies.

Eurasian Student Association

The Eurasian region includes 15 former Soviet countries that share similar, yet distinct, cultures, languages and histories. Countries covered are (in alphabetical order) Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. The region covers a sixth of Earth's land surface and has a total population of over 245 million.  here are many students and scholars at MSU who come from the Eurasian region. There are also MSU faculty and academic staff who conduct research in Eurasia. The activities our Association plans to implement will encourage greater diversity and inclusion, which will help these students adjust and enjoy American campus life and provide them with opportunities to share their cultural background and heritage, as well as the research they conduct in the region. Our motto is “connect, engage, appreciate” through understanding each other, learning about each other, and appreciating the cultures, languages, histories, and peoples of the Eurasian region.

French Club

The Michigan State University French Club promotes greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the French language and francophone cultures. Find the MSU French Club on Facebook.

German Club

An interactive social forum where members of the MSU community who are interested in exploring German-speaking cultures or like to study the German language gather to exchange information and meet one another.

Hellenic Student Association

MGC is an active student association, organizing different Greek cultural activities on and off MSU campus, promoting Hellenism, the Greek American Culture and emphasizing the Heritage of Greek American Diaspora of Michigan. Find the MSU Modern Greek Club on Facebook.

Italian Club 

MSU Italian Club was re-established in 2011 and continues to serve as a social group for students interested in Italian. Also known as "La Tavola Italiana" This is the base hub for the Michigan State Italian Club.

Kazakh Student Association 

Kazakh Students Association was founded with the purpose of helping newly admitted students from Kazakhstan to adapt to the new environment at Michigan State University and strengthen the friendship between students from Kazakhstan, United States of America and other countries.

Polish Club

The Polish Club's mission is to spread Polish culture to students and the community by participating in events, traditions, and social activities on campus and throughout the area. Find the MSU Polish Club on Facebook.

Russian Club 

Come get active in MSU Russian Club! Learn about Russian language, culture, and study abroad experiences. We plan events, help with homework, prepare for tests, and just have a good time! 

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club facilitates the use and improvement of the Spanish language through cultural activities. Find the MSU Spanish Club on Facebook.

Turkish Student Association

The Turkish Student Association was founded to serve for not only the Turkish students coming here for their graduate/undergraduate degrees but also students from several nationalities who are interested in Turkish culture and volunteer to take part in the social and cultural activities carried out by the group. Find the MSU Turkish Student Association on Facebook.

Ukrainian Students Organization

The Ukrainian Students Organization will hold meetings discussing topics such as recent events in Ukraine, historical events that greatly effected the culture, and the Ukrainian influence on modern American culture. Along with meetings, the club will hold events with food, clothing, or other cultural pieces to further interest and inform the student body of Ukrainian culture and its beauty. Find the Ukranian Students Organization on Facebook.