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The items in the CERES video library are available for students, faculty, and staff to borrow. If you have questions about the video library, contact us.

59 - 12 Chairs - Russian Not subtitled 2 parts

102 - 1900 - Italian Not subtitled 1977 255 min.

Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film of 20th century Italy, and the people whose lives affect, and are affected by, the rise of Fascism and Socialism.

179 - 24 Hours - Russian Subtitled

Having disobeyed a serious warning, professional killer Felix carries out expensive order which he has received from his "killers trade union". Somebody, whom the customer has named "petroleum man", is killed in broad daylight in a populous place practically, but, strangely, there are no witnesses. Right after carrying out his order so successfully, Felix realizes that the warning was a serious one, and he won't be forgiven for the "petroleum man's" death... Felix has only 24 hours to escape - a loving woman and the money for the executed order await him at a sunny island far away. Only 24 hours is given to Leva Shalamov and his brother Garik to find and kill Felix...

134 - The 400 Blows - French Subtitled 1959 99 min.

This film established Truffaut's cinematic genius and launched the extraordinary, semiauto-biographical series of "Antoine Doinel" films. 13-year old Antoine is receiving more than his share of hard knocks from selfish, unloving parents and harsh schoolteachers. Is Antoine a lost cause, or will his indomitable spirit prevail? With sensitivity, humor, and poignancy, Truffaut explores the pain and joy of childhood.

196 - About the Little Red Riding Hood - Russian Not subtitled 1977 135 min.

98 - Adam's Rib - Russian Subtitled 77 min.

Three generations of women share a small, crowded apartment--all trying to cope wth the men that exist in their lives.

132 - Adam's Rib - Russian Not subtitled 1990 77 min.
Three generations of women share a small, crowded apartment--all trying to cope with the men that exist in their lives.

4 - Agony - Russian Not subtitled

61 - Alexander Nevsky - Russian Subtitled 1938 107 min.
A magnificent Russian epic of Prince Alexander, the leader of the people of Novgorod. It portrays a battle between the savage, crusading Germans and the Russians fighting for their land and the right to lead their own particular existence.

126 - Ali: Fear Eats the Soul - German Subtitled 1974 94 min.
Fassbinder draws on the formula of the classic American tear-jerker to tell the outrageous, touching story of a bumpy love affair between a German floorwasher and an inarticulate Arab mechanic.

124 - Alice in the Cities - German Subtitled 1974 110 min.
Phillip, a footloose 31-year old journalist on the road from the United States to Europe, suddenly finds himself with a new traveling companion: a precocious 9-year old girl named Alice. The two of them fly from New York to Amsterdam to wait for her mother. When she doesn't arrive, they travel by car to Germany in search of Alice's grandmother. The story of their journey is touching, funny, and true.

96 - American Daughter - 70% English-30% Russian

127 - The American Soldier - German Subtitled 1970 80 min.
Fassbinder's version of the Hollywood gangster film pays homage to movie greats Humphrey Bogart, Sam Fuller, and Orson Welles, to name a few.

The story centers on Ricky, a charismatic hit man who always wears a gun bulging from his shoulder holster, sports a soft fedora hat, and white double-breasted suit, and drinks Ballantine scotch straight from the bottle.
Recently returned from Vietnamized America, Ricky carries out his assigned murders without knowledge or emotion. The amazing final shoot-out is probably the most startling of Fassbinder's patented off-beat endings.

164 - Amore - Italian Subtitled 1948 78 min.
Available for the first time in the original two-part version, Amore is Rossellini's homage to the incredible Anna Magnani. In The Human Voice, based on Cocteau's one-act drama, Magnani is featured alone onscreen with a telephone, playing to an unseen lover. The interest is centered not so much on her dialog but on her expressive face and her actions--the myriad manifestations of her grief and suffering. The Miracle, inspired by a story from Federico Fellini, is a small masterpiece casting Magnani as a simple peasant who must defend her belief that she has given birth to the new Messiah. Condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency and banned in several American cities at the time of its release, this inspired film was later praised by The Vatican and upheld in a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

6 - Anatomy of a Coup: The Kremlin '91 - English 50 min.
Detailed accounts to the coup in the Kremlin from the BBC. Learn of Yeltsin's secret informers within the KGB & the Soviet military who provided crucial intelligence at the right moment. Trace the top secret attempt to persuade Gorbachev to support the takeover itself

7 - Andrei Roublev - English
A dazzling and harrowing tale of the 15th century icon painter who survives the cruelties of medieval Russia to create works of art. Two parts.

131 - Anna - Italian Subtitled 1952 111 min.
Anna is a nun on the verge of taking her last vows, whose sinful life as a nightclub entertainer, passion for one man and drive to marry another haunt her. Her old feelings are renewed when her former fiancee is brought to the hospital where she now serves as a nurse after a serious accident. A first-rate performance by Silvana Mangano dominates this powerful drama about the conflict between the flesh and the spirit.

162 - Anna - Russian Subtitled 1994 99 min.
After filming his daughter Anna over the course of 13 years, director Nikita Mikhalkov (Burnt by the Sun) incorporated that footage with news reports and propaganda films that charted the collapse of the Soviet Union. The result is this intimate, emotionally charged documentary that shows how personal and political life are forever intertwined. "Mikhalkov brings his dreamer's eye to the fall of Communism and the rise of his daughter and provides a wholly unique glimpse behind former enemy lines"Russian Subtitled 1988 103 min.
Based on Tolstoy's beloved 1980 novel of tragic passion and human mortality, as revealed through the paths followed by two different people, Anna and Levin. Anna is the wife of a high-ranking government official, mother to a son she loves powerfully, and a high-standing member of the 19th century Russian society. But when she meets the dashing Count Alexei Vronskyu, although she fights his advances at first, Anna eventually forsakes all else for a passionate affair that plunges her into scandal and changes the course of her life. Bent on revenge, her proud and bitter husband refuses her a divorce and keeps her from her son, and she is ostracized by society at large. Faced with such adversity Anna soon finds her emotional needs increasingly difficult to fulfill, and events spiral to an inevitably tragic conclusion. Throughout, the passion and despair of Anna's liaison with Vronsky is contrasted with the romance and marriage of Anna's friend Levin, who finds deepening happiness and fulfillment with his wife as their relationship progresses.

200 - At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among His Own
Russian Subtitled and Dubbed 1974 97 min. An unenviable lot fell to the Red Army soldier Shilov: he is being suspected of stealing gold. IN the hungry 1920's, the young Soviet Republic's government searches for gold all over the country, to buy for it bread from abroad. And now, the collected valuables disappearted from the armored and well-guarded train car on tehir way to Moscow. Shilov learns that the valuables have been stolen by the bandits. To restore his good repubtation, Shilov has to infilitrate the band. To find out where the stolen gold is kept, he must be at home among the strangers.

9 - The Autumn Marathon - Russian Subtitled 90 min.
Andrei, 45 and Alla, 25 are genuinely in love. Andrei feels perfectly at home in her flat. His official domicile, however, is with Nina, 40, attractive and charming, a good mother, excellent housewife, and in need of Andrei.
No. Title Language Subtitled Year Length

10 - Avant Garde in Russia - Russian Not subtitled

63 - Ballad of a Soldier - Russian Not subtitled 89 min.
One of the most highly acclaimed Soviet films; the hero is a 19-yr old soldier who puts two Nazi tanks out of combat and receives a six-day leave from his General. After a very difficult journey, he falls in love, and finally reaches home where is barely has time to embrace his mother before returning to the front.

190, 190 - 2 Barbarians - English 2003 200 min.
In four acclaimed programs from THE HISTORY CHANNEL, BARBARIANS explores the origins of the Vikings, Goths, Mongols, and Huns. Shot on location by Emmy Award-winning documentarian Robert Gardner, this documentary utilizes in-depth interview, thrilling reenactments, and narration by Clancy Brown to bring to life the powerful leaders, military strength, and overwhelming drive that kept empires on three contintnets in terror for centuries.

11 - The Battleship Potemkin - Russian Subtitled 1925 66 min.
Sergei Eisenstein's production of the mutiny of June 13, 1905. While peasants & workers were revolting against the Czar, on board the otemkin, the crew was planning a revolt of its own. Hundreds of men, women & children would be shot down on the steps of Odessa harbor by the soldiers of the Czar in retaliation for their support of the sailor's revolt.

103 - Before the Revolution - Italian Subtitled 1962 110 min.
Bernardo Bertolucci directs this story of a young man who flirts intellectually with communism and incestuously with his young aunt. In defining is hero's "nostalgia for the present," Bertolucci produced a major statement on the state of mind of the sixties.

123 - Il Bell'Antonio - Italian Subtitled 1960 101 min.
To every red-blooded woman in Sicily, there is no man so virile, so desirable, so sensually inviting as Antonio Magnano (Marcello Mastroianni). At the urging of his family, he relinquishes his bachelorhood to the alluring Barbara Puglisi, unloosing an ominous secret that threatens to spoil the young couple's wedded bliss-the fires rumored to rage in his loins are but cooling embers. This revelation scandalizes the entire town of Catania and sends each set of in-laws into panicked crusades to defend their family's honor.

184 - Blow the Whistle Twice in the Fog - Russian Subtitled 1980
A seaplane makes an emergency landing by the lake in unpopulated tundra. It carries a large sum of money. Someone takes all the money, and the only witness is killed. A few days later, the last ship of the navigating season leaves northern port, and its captain has an uneasy puzzle to solve: which passenger was involved in the robbery and murder...

206 - Bringing Down A Dictator English Close-Captioned 2001 56 min.
In the year 2000, in a war barely noticed outside Yugoslavia, the indicted war criminal Slobodan Milosevic fought to hold power. He controlled a battle-hardened army, a touch police force, and most of the news media. But he underestimated his opponents, led by a student movement called Otpor! (Serbian for "resistance"), who attacked the regime with ridicule, rock music, and a willingness to be arrested. Their courage and audacity inspired others to overcome their fear and join the fight.

153 - Brother - Russian Subtitled 1997 96 min.
A simple man returns from his army service, coming home to St. Petersburg, where he finds his brother is now a contract killer for the Russian mob. Soon, both brothers are in the service of organized crime and they team up to kill a Chechen mafia boss. This riveting crime film addresses the social breakdown and accepted grimness of city life in the former Soviet Union.

Lead actor Sergei Bodrov's superb performance won him well-deserved honors around the world, including the award for Best Actor at the 1997 Chicago International Film Festival. "A wonderfully mordant excursion through the new Russian thugocracy...the best Russian movie I've seen in years" (J. Hoberman, The Village Voice).

180 - Brother II - Russian Subtitled 122 min.
The second installment in the Brat series is glitsier and the guns are bigger, as is the body count. Danila Bagrov goes after the killers of his war-time friend. Reunited with his "brother" from the original Brat, played by Victor Sukhorukov, Danila runs, shoots and blows up things - now THIS side of the Pond. This is dynamic movie, and is anything but politically correct - be it the mounting body count or the amount of racial slur.

105 - Burnt by the Sun - Russian Subtitled 1995 134 min.
An unforgettable story of a Soviet hero whose happy family is suddenly targeted by Stalin's secret police.

138 - Call Me Rockefeller - Polish Subtitled 1990
A kind of Polish Home Alone. When the Malinowskis go abroad, they leave their children in the care of their housemaid, Misia, who turns out to be a notorious trickster named Jagoda. While the children are at school, Jagoda and her friend Matros loot the Malinowski's apartment and disappear. The children don't report the robbery and instead find creative ways to earn money to replace the stolen property. Their efforts bring them a fortune by the time their parents return.

175 - The Captain's Daughter - Russian Subtitled 2000 130 min.
Based on two famous novels by A.S.Pushkin - 'The Captain's Daughter' and 'Story of Pugachev', this is one of the most ambitious projects of Russian cinematography in recent years. High-budgeted historical film. Recommended for all those interested both in Russian history and culture. Vladimir Mashkov, Russian sex symbol, plays the part of Pugachev.

12 - The Challenge of Internationalism - English 14 min.
Michigan State University film

171 - Chapayev - Russian Subtitled 100 min.
A stirring account of a beloved hero of the Russian Revolution, an illiterate Russian who served in Czar's army; after the Revolution, formed his own forces and went on the Red Side, fighting the Whites. Full of incredible images, the film was made from personal experience of the filmmakers.

13 - Checks on the Roads - Russian Not subtitled

62 - Chekhov, Anton - English 30 min.
An excellent biographical sketch of this very important great Russian literary genius.

108 - Circus - Russian Subtitled 1996 89 min.
An American musical comedy-Soviet style. Capitalism meets communism when an American circus artist has a black baby. The only way and place she can possibly find happiness is among the Soviet people.

106 - Close to Eden - Russian Subtitled 1992 109 min.
A Mongolian shepherd and a Russian road builder strike up a friendship that's as funny as it is unpredictable in this imaginative cross-cultural comedy.

199 - The Cold Summer of 1953 - Russian Subtitled 1988 96 min.
Shortly after Joseph Stalin's death in 1953, Lavrenty Beria, the ominipotent NKVD Minister, granted a broad amnesty. Due to it, going at large ere hardened criminals that had been convicted for grave offences. Wreaking havoc in the taiga in search of food and transportation, the bendits come across a small village where two amnestied political prisoners are waiting for the arrival of a boat. IT fell to those two - the middle-aged Kopalych and the young Luzga - to defend the helpless villagres from the convicts.

159 - Cold War Series - English 1998 8x140 min.
Eight tapes - 24 topics. Every morning for nearly half a century, people around the world woke up and wondered if this would be the day the world would end. Cold War is an epic story told on a human scale through the observations of more than 500 eyewitnesses. It challenges the simplistic notion of two superpowers parrying on the edge of a nuclear precipice.

14 - Come and See - Russian Subtitled 1985 142 min.
Directed by Elem Klimov. Set in 1943 German-occupied Byelorussia, the film follows an adolescent boy through the nightmare that is war.

157 - Coming Out - German Subtitled 1997 108 min.
Philip, a popular high school teacher, is speechless when he meets Matthias for the first time. He realizes that he has been waiting for this man his entire life. But Tanja, who loves Phlip, has just discovered she is pregnant. And then there is East German society's prejudices against homosexual relationships. Philip sinks into a deep crisis until he realizes that he can only do as his feelings dictate.

120 - Commissar - Russian Subtitled 1988 105 min.
Set against the Russian Civil War, a tough Red Army Commander's military career is disrupted by an unwanted pregnancy. Forced to stay w/ a poor Jewish family, she comes face to face with different cultures. Ultimately, she is forced to decide whether to stay w/ her child or rejoin her troops.

177 - Country of the Deaf - Russian Subtitled 1998 105 min.
Rita's boyfriend has lost someone else's money, and now Rita must hide. Yaya, a night club dancer, who is deaf, befriends Rita, and hides her at her place. Yaya's only dream - to save enough money and to escape to some mistical 'land of the Deaf' - place where everybody is deaf, and therefore everybody is kind and honest. Suddenly girls find themselves in the middle of two fighting mafia gangs - the deaf ones and the 'regular' ones...

69 - The Courier - Russian Subtitled

15 - The Cranes are Flying - Russian Subtitled 120 min.
A story of the shattering of youthful ambitions and love by the intervention of war.

78 - Crime and Punishment - Russian Subtitled 1975 2 parts

145 Crows - Polish Subtitled 1994 66 min.
This haunting tale of a neglected girl's search for the security of a family is an emotionally involving portrait of the angst of being the child of a single parent. Lacking the attention she needs from her overworked mother, nine-year-old Corneille wanders the streets after being sent home from school. She meets a three-year-old girl who greets her with a welcoming smile, and soon the pair are off on their own journey, acting as surrogate mother and daughter to each other. "A gorgeously constructed...tact and bittersweet tale" (John Anderson, Newsday).

191 - The Cuckoo - Russian, Finnish English 2002 103 min.
September 1944, in a land torn apart by war, a Finnish sniper is labeled a coward by his compatriots; as punishment, he is nailed to a rock and left to his own devices. Not long after, a disgraced Russian captain, en route to his court martial, is injured in an accident. Both men are about to find out they have one thing in common. Wounded and emotionally tortured, they are taken in by Anni, a young resourceful war widow, who offers shelter to one while nursing the other back to health. None of them understands the others' languages, but it doesn't seem to matter. Isolated, the three unlikely roommates - a Finn, a Russian, and a Lapp - overcome both comic and tragic misunderstandings to for ma passionate three-way...relationship. Because after a day of hard work on Anni's farm, who needs words?

16 - The Dawns Are So Quiet Here - Russian Not subtitled

72 - DeGaulle and France - English 180 min.

141 - The Deluge - Polish Subtitled 1973 185 min.
The action takes place in the 17th century, the turbulent period of the Polish-Swedish war. The plot is woven around the stormy love of the main character in the film, Andrzej Kmicic (played by Daniel Olbrychski), for a young gentlewoman named Olenka. Based on the novel by Nobel prize-winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz, much of this exciting and romantic film was shot in authentic, ancient Polish castles. Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1974.

181 - Demobbed - Russian Subtitled 2000
The everyday army life in this film consists mostly of drinking, smoking pot, stealing everything that meets the eye, abuse from older soldiers... The film shows the Russian army and some parts of the russian spirit in the most funny and unbelieveble way.

182 - Demobbed II - Russian Subtitled 2000
A sequel to a successful Demobbed (DMB) - an anecdotal way to look at the army and the many absurdities that make up everyday army life.

18 - Destiny of a Man - Russian Not subtitled

19 - Dostoevsky - English 30 min.

90 - Dreaming A Nation: The Kurds. English
Nationalism and Belonging Series -- 2/6

146 - Egg-Nog - Polish Subtitled 1989 103 min.
Kate dreams of a bright career. She wants to study in town but her father, who owns a large farm, has old-fashioned ideas about a woman's place and tries to arrange a marriage for Kate with a successful businessman. Instead, she runs away on her wedding day and begins to face the challenges of life in a big and unfriendly city. Will she go to college, return home, or fall in love? Can one escape from one's destiny?

173 - Envy of the Gods - Russian Subtitled 2000 135 min.
The events of this film take place in Moscow in 1983. Two people meet and fall in love - Sonya and Andre. Sonya is a TV editor, she has a teenage son and a husband - quite a successful writer. Andre is a journalist from France, he has a family in Paris. Sonya has always been a faithful wife, but now she is overwhelmed by this sudden passion. For a few days, Sonya and Andre are absolutely happy. The Gods have not remained indifferent...

136 - Eugene Onegin - Russian Subtitled 1958 106 min.
Peter Tchaikovsky's endearing opera. Using the sights and sounds of old St. Petersburg, director Roman Tikhomirov "opened up" the opera and filmed it in the Russian countryside. Singers and musicians from the Bolshoi Theatre and opera.

155 - The Fall of the Wall - German Subtitled 1994 90 min.
The dramatic events of Fall 1989 in East Germany: breakdown, upheaval and a new start. Peaceful demonstrations, calls for freedom and democracy, the collapse of the SED regime, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first free elections. They were days that changed global dynamics forever. The two separate German states ceased to exist and the Iron Curtain came down, ending the war which had pitted this country against itself. The end of the Cold War meant a reconsideration of the preexisting conceptions of the "enemy" and a reconstruction of the word "ally."
Two parts

20 - Father of a Soldier - Russian Not subtitled

144 - Fever - Polish Subtitled 1981 115 min.
A gripping political thriller, set in 1905. A group of anarchists plots to assassinate the Russian
Tsar's governor in Russian-partitioned Poland. A sensitive script subtly probes the psychological motivations of the anarchists as the bomb is passed among them. Banned for many years by Poland's Communist authorities despite its winning the Grand Prize at the Gdansk Film Festival. With Jan Kanty Pawluskiewidz and Barbara Grabowska.

135 - First Love - Russian Subtitled

122 - Fish Soup - Italian Subtitled 1992 107 min.
A magical, funny and intimate view of a young girl's growing up, set against a tangled web of family relationships in Tuscany, Fish Soup is an endearing film and a brilliant accomplishment by director Fiorella Infanscelli. Set between the 1940s and late 70s against the beauty of the Tuscan seaside, this film offers small sketches of family behavior and psychology, from gatherings to complicated relationships, with a light but indelible touch.

68 - Garage - Russian Not subtitled 90 min.

197 - Greetings from Grozny - English Not Subtitled
This program explores the tragic, seemingly endless conflict between Russia and the breakaway Republic of Chechnya. The video opens with three segments about civilians caught in a war zone, Russian "sweeps" of Chechen villages, and life in a rebel camp. In a follow-up interview, Stephen Pifer, deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, talks of Chechnya's importance for the United States and our position in the struggle.

156 - GDR Underground Films - German Subtitled 1997 90 min.
The State had a monopoly on film production in East Germany, but it was not absolute. An underground film scene made up of painters, poets, musicians and performance artists flourished from the 1970s through the 1980s outside official channels. Presented here for the first time outside Germany is a selection of 10 films.

156 - GDR Underground Films - cont.
The subversion of official doctrine and the prescribed "socialist realism" in all arts spans a wide spectrium in these films, from experimental and traditional animation techniques to oppositional documentary. Even though the materials were simple (mostly 8mm) reversal film the breadth of expressive modes is astounding.
In a country where all art was political and subject to state control, these works testify to the rebellious force inherent in even the most apolitical form of individual artistic expression.

137 - A Generation - Polish Subtitled 1954 90 min.
Wajda's first feature takes place in 1942 occupied Warsaw, and follows the pursuits of a young man whose life is hardened under the Nazis. When he falls in love with the leader of the Resistance group, he learns to fight back. Stars Tadeusz Lomnicki, Ursula Modrzynska, Zbigniew Cybulski and a very young Roman Polanski.

169 - Boris Godunov (opera) - Russian Subtitled 1990 104 & 105 min.
The powerful voice of Robert Lloyd highlights this 1990 Kirov production of Mussorgsky's opera. 2 tapes

85 - Gypsy Melodies - Russian Music

77 - Harvest of Despair - English 1984 55 min.
This film documents the Ukrainian terror famine of 1932-33. It establishes that the famine was deliberately created as part of Stalin's effort to destroy the Ukrainian peasantry, who resisted the forced collectivization of their lands

187 - Heart of a Dog - Russian Subtitled 1977 129 min.
Professor Preobrazhensky, Poligraf Polirgrafovich Sharikov, Shvonder, doctor Bormental et al... It seems impossible to create screen images of M. Bulgakov's genius phantasmagoria. But the current attempt of the film creators resulted in a brilliant success...

114 - Heimat - German Subtitled 1984 924 min.
While America watched Roots, Germany watched Heimat with the same mixture of pride and shame. A riveting 16-hr. film detailing the incredible interlocking saga of a German family from the end of WWI to 1982.

170 - Heimat II - German Subtitled 1994 1916 min.
"Staggeringly rich....The Second Heimat, which runs 25½ hours, forms, with its predecessor, a magnificent, nearly unprecedented 'film novel': a portrait of Germany in the 20th century with few equals in either film or literature...outlandishly often dazzling success. That [Edgar] Reitz is able to sustain growth and tension, inexorable flow and translucent clarity through the entire vast length, and hold audiences rapt...seems something of a miracle. The story is of Maria's son, Herrmann Simon, and his life in Munich from 1960 to 1970. There, a brilliant young modernist musician and composer, he falls in with an incandescent circle of young students, artists, rebels and lovers--all brought shatteringly to life by Reitz and a splendid cast of actors and musicians...The Second Heimat may be the screen's finest portrayal of youth in the '60s" (Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune).

76 - I Was Stalin's Bodyguard - Russian Subtitled 1990 73 min.
Tales from the last surviving personal bodyguard of Josef Stalin. Includes first-hand testimony with rare film footage, including Stalin's home movies.

73 - The Idiot - Russian Subtitled 130 min.

198 1-4 - The Idiot Russian None 2003 250 min.

203 - Inside Islam - English 2002 100 min.
Inside Islam lifts the veil of mystery surrounding a misunderstood faith. Trace its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and discover how the Five Pillars, the religion's central tenets, helped spread Islam to the far corners of the world. A History Channel production.

205 - Inside the Third Reich - English not subtitled 1982 240 min.
Inside the Third Reich shows the life of Albert Speer one of the World War II's most powerful men. From his work as one of Germany's foremost architects to becoming Hitler's closest confidant, and culminating with his trial at Nuremburg, it's the powerful story about a powerful man.

204 - Islam, The Story of - English 1983 138 min.
In the year 600 A.D. a wind swept across the Arabian desert, where, in the little town called Mecca, an illiterate orphan named Muhammad came to be the prophet to whom the word of God was revealed-and the world was changed forever. Herein lies the beginning of the faith known as Islam, a religion that today claims over 1 billion devout believers throughout the planet. A History Channel production.

139 - In Desert and Wilderness - Polish Subtitled 1973 144 min.
The story of a Polish boy and English girl became the subject of one of the most beautiful adventure books in Polish or perhaps even world literature. Written in 1911 by Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Nobel prize-winning author of Quo Vadis, the tale takes place in the late 19th century, relating the adventures of two kidnapped children who escape and find themselves alone in the middle of uncharted Africa.

101 - The Innocent - Italian Subtitled 1976 125 min.
A bored aristocrat rebels against a suffocating world of luxury by pursuing a glamorous, independent widow. When his wife has an affair of her own, he finds his jealousy reaching tragic proportions. This film reflects the moral ambiguity of a crumbling nobility in pre-Fascist Italy.

75 - Inspector-General - Russian Subtitled 1954 130 min.
Gogol's famous play, a satire of provincial corruption in Czarist Russia. An entire town mistakes an illiterate worker for the Czar's Inspector General, and the corrupt officials panic as they believe the man has come to check up on them.

188 - Irony of Fate - Russian Subtitled 1975 184 min.
Four friends went to the bath-house not suspecting how surprising and incredible the consequences will be ...Such a joke the fortune can play with the man only once on a New Year night.

21 - It Is Easy to be Young - Russian Not subtitled

22 - Ivan the Terrible - Russian Not subtitled 1945 181 min.
Sergei Einstein's portrayal of Ivan IV, the 16th Century ruler who first unified Russia. Two parts; Part 2 is 1958.

23 - Ivan Vasilevitch's Career - Russian Subtitled

24 - Jazzman - Russian Subtitled 1984 80 min.
In the late 20s, a young jazz enthusiast departs music school to form a jazz band with two colorful street musicians and a saxophonist left over from the Czar's marching band.

154 - Jolly Fellows - Russian Subtitled 1934 89 min.
Grigori Alexandrov's first musical comedy is the rags-to-fame story of a shepherd boy who reaches lofty heights as a jazz-orchestra conductor. The film belongs to its heroine--Lyubov Orlova--who established herself as the first recognized star of Soviet cinema. Jazz Comedy is also remarkable for the clever camera work of Vladimir Nilsen, who introduced Western camera tricks to Soviet cinema.

143 - Kaleidoscope: Polish Folk Dance and Songs Music 68 min.
Features songs performed by original folk groups, Polish dances and and colorful costumes from different regions.

64 - Kalina Krasna - Russian Not subtitled

99 - The Karamazov Brothers - Russian Subtitled (3 tapes)

25 - Kindergarten - Russian Not subtitled
A largely biographical memoir directed by poet Yevgenii Yeevtushenko, recalling his boyhood years during WWII in Russia while the city of Moscow was being evacuated as the Nazis approached.

26 - King Lear - Russian Not subtitled (2 tapes)

39 - The Kremlin - English 30 min.

152 - The Kremlin - English 1963 60 min.
The heart of Soviet Russia, the center of the Communist World is embodied in the Kremlin. Now for the first time ever, an American film crew is granted permission to enter and discover the rich treasures and history of the government and system whose ideology has swept half the modern world. From it's early beginnings to it's present base of power, this fascinating look at the Kremlin comes to us from award winning filmmaker Lucy Jarvis and told through actual Kremlin officials.

115 - L'Avventura - Italian Subtitled 1960 145 min.
Michaelangeo Antonioni's film about a wealthy woman who disappears while on a yachting trip near Sicily, while her lover and her best friend begin an affair in the resulting vacuum. This tale of Italy's idle rich profoundly influenced directors of the sixties, initiating a new phase in cinema.

29 - Lady with a Dog - Russian Subtitled 1960 89 min.
Anton Chekhov's short story of a bored, middle-aged, married banker from Moscow who meets and falls in love with a young married woman while on vacation in Yalta at the beginning of the century.

140 - Land of the White Eagle - English 1987
A 3-part series of 10-minute films highlighting Poland's history and traditions, her cultural heritage, architecture and landscape. Part 1 visits Gniezno, Zelazowa Wola, Poznan, Pszczyna, the Pieniny and Beskidy mountains and the Eagle Nest trail between Cracow and Czestochowa; Part 2 visits Warsaw, Cracow, Wieliczke salt mine, Marlbork, Torun, Wroclaw, Lodz, and Szczecin; Part 3 visits Czestochowa, Zamosc, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Gdansk and Gdynia. 3 Tapes: Tape I-95 min.-Subtitled-1987; Tape II-90 min.-Subtitled-1988; Tape III-90 min.-Subtitled-1989

142 - The Last Stage - Polish Not subtitled 1947 110 min.
The horrible lives of female inmates of Auschwitz are chronicled in this chillingly accurate recreation of actual events. Filmed on location at the notorious German concentration camp, it tells the story of one woman's attempts to survive until she is eventually rescued. Based on the experiences of the film's director, Wanda Jakubiowska, as a prisoner of a German concentration camp. With Alina Janowska, Zofia Mrzozowska, Aleksandra Slaska and Edward Dziewonski Inni.

30 - Leo Tolstoi - English 30 min.

147 - The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin - English 1993 58 min.
This is the documentary story of the man who subverted the Russian Revolution. Suppressing Lenin's dying wish that Stalin be replaced, he became Lenin's heir. The program follows the struggles and betrayals of the 1920s the atrocities of the 1930s, the carnage of World War II, the sleight of hand by which Stalin imposed his conditions on Roosevelt and Churchill, and the end of this demented man.

92 - Lifting the Yoke: Ukraine English
Nationalism & Belonging Series-4/6

84 - Little Birch Tree--Folk Dance Company Music

31 - Little Vera - Russian Not subtitled

104 - Little Vera - Russian Subtitled 1988 110 min.
Vera, a sullen, sultry woman who's torn between her brooding lover and her bitter parents in this smoldering drama. It is the first film to celebrate Russia's new "open society."

32 - Living Corpse - Russian Not subtitled (2 tapes)

34 - The Married Bachelor - Russian Not subtitled

119 - Master and Margaret - Polish Subtitled 1990 373 min.
Based on a famous literary masterpiece by Mikhail Bulghakov, it is a story of devils visiting Moscow, of true and victorious love, of Jesus meeting Pontius Pilate-above all it is an existing proof of a great and praiseworthy belief that the world after all, is not so bad, and the people, if only given a chance, are simply good. (4 tapes)
Part I-105 min.; Part II--94 min.; Part III--81 min.; Part IV--93 min.

35 - The Mighty Fistful Music 60 min.
This program covers the distance from folk tradition to the founding of the Russian style of music by Glinka.

36 - The Mirror - Russian Subtitled 1985 101 min.
Tarkovsky's looking glass is not merely cracked but shattered and we see the jagged, jumbled reflections of its shards, images of the director's childhood mixed with fragments of his adult life.

93 - Mirror, Mirror: Northern Ireland English
Nationalism & Belonging Series-5/6

83 - Moiseyev Dance Company Music

130 - Mon Oncle D'Amerique - French Subtitled 1980 123 min.
Three lives, three ambitions ... Jean, Rene, Janine: two men and a woman from different generations and different backgrounds, whose paths meet at a crisis point in mid-life. Faced with disappointment and frustration, all three muse about a legendary "Uncle in America," a guardian angel who gives them their hearts' desires and tells them exactly what they want to hear. From Alain Resnais, one of France's most acclaimed directors, comes a fascinating story about the roots of human behavior.

37 - Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears - Russian Subtitled (2 tapes)
A funny, charming story of trials and tribulations of three young provincial girls who come to Moscow to make good. They dream of houses, French movie stars and marriages to successful young men, but, inevitably, life is full of surprises.

40 - Moscow Olympics - English 1980 60 min.

192 - Mother and Son - Russian Subtitled 1997 73 min.
A stunningly photographed "Love Story" about the deep affection that exists between a mother and her son. A visual experience of the loneliness and heartfelt emotion of the pair, the film explores themes of life and death in a harsh world that offers little comfort.

113 - My Childhood - Russian Subtitled 1938 100 min.
(Maxim Gorky) Four year old Gorky is placed under the care of his cruel grandfather and his loving grandmother. After experiencing the misery of abuse and poverty with his new family, Gorky is forced into the streets and becomes a wandering beggar.

41 - My Name Is Ivan - Russian Not subtitled
Andrei Tarkovsky's film debut on an orphaned boy caught up in WWII. He goes to work as a messenger for the Army. Becoming frail after 2 yrs of service, he realizes that his childhood is over & makes his way to the front for the tragic denouement.

91 - A Nation Returns: Germany English
Nationalism & Belonging Series-3/6

1 - A Nest of Gentlefolk - Russian Subtitled

100 - The Night Porter English-from Italy 1989 115 min.
A psychological thriller which takes place in post-war Vienna. A former Nazi concentration camp officer comes face to face with his former prisoner and lover. Other hiding SS officers feel that this may bring about their downfall and will do everything in their power to keep their relationship from resuming.

80 - Oblomov - Russian Subtitled 1981 145 min.
An adaptation of the famous Ivan Goncharov novel by Nikita Mikhalkov. Oblomov owns 350 serfs he's never met, and just lies on his back in a St. Petersburg apartment, sleeping, eating, watching his finances dwindle and whining at his servant for not being sensitive enough. (2 tapes)

112 - October - Russian Subtitled 1988 104 min.
Sergei Einstein's recreation of the events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

194 - Operation "Y" - Russian Subtitled 1965 96 min.
This eccentric comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai includes 3 novellas united by the main character, cranky Shurik, who often finds himself in the most incredible situations. In "Partner" he is rehabilitating a hooligan Bully, serving his 15-day administrative sentence, in "Strange Impression," entranced, he is preparing to take an exam and passes it successfully, in "Operation Y" he is saving a warehouse, which has already been robbed by its director, from being broken in by Booby, Coward and Experienced.

116 - Passione d'amore - Italian Subtitled 1981 117 min.
In the mid 19th century, a handsome young cavalry officer is sent to a lonely outpost, interrupting an idyllic love affair. There he falls under the sway of the repulsive half mad daughter of the camp's commandant. He is seduced by the sheer strength of her passion.

174 - Peculiarities of the National Hunt - Russian Subtitled 1995 93 min.
A Finn preparing a work on the Russian hunting traditions and customs, comes to Russia to collect materials and is invited to take part in a hunting party. His flamboyant companions include an Army general, with more than a passing resemblance to Aleksander Lebed, a police detective, local forest ranger (a devotee of Zen Buddhism) and some big-city types from St. Petersburg. Inevitably, their good intentions soon give way to endless drinking, visits to local farm girls and much else besides.

185 - Peculiarities of the National Fishing - Russian Subtitled
Just like its predecessor "Osobennosti Natsionalnoi Okhoty" ("Peculiarities of the National Hunt"), this comedy was a big success in Russia. The company of old friends who have adequately sustained test of national hunting, gathers again - this time to have a little fishing vacation (and fun). Without realizing, they cross the border and end up in Finland. After a hasty return, they find out they left behind (in Finland) all their vodka. So, now they MUST go back to Finland... The characters - the General, the Forest Ranger, the Policeman - reached quite high level of popularity in Russia, becoming somewhat of a comic book heroes.

42 - Peter I - Russian Subtitled 201 min.
Part I: 102 mins.; Part II: 99 mins.

86 - Piatnitsky - Russian Folk Choir Music

186 - Pokrov Gates - Russian Not Subtitled 1982 140 min.
Stories from the lives of the tenants of the Moscow's communal apartment: Kostik, who is a college student, lives with his aunt while studying; Arkady Velyurov who is a performing artist; Khobotovs, who are a divorced couple; and Sava, who is Margarita Khobotov's new fiancé. All these people live in one apartment and their lives constantly touch each other's. This is a movie you instantly fall in love with -- romantic, refreshing, full of melody and extremely poetic. Shooting was made on the streets of good "old" Moscow, as stylish for some as Paris of the 50s, Prague of the 60s...

44 - Poland - 100 Yrs of History and Culture English

148 - Post-Soviet Russia: Promises Deferred - Russian Subtitled 1997 55 min.
This program examines how the Russian city of Gorky has adapted to a free-enterprise system. We see public reaction to the auction of government property and the opening of private markets. Class divisions become apparent in interviews with the Russian nouveau riche, the Mafia, and average citizens. Ordinary people, tired of waiting for economic benefits promised through privatization, support Communist political candidates who promise renewed state control and a return to traditional Russian values. The city is shown as being torn apart by violent tensions and antagonisms that exist between advocates of reform and neo-Communists.
No. Title Language Subtitled Year Length

163 - Prisoner of the Mountains - Russian Subtitled 1996 99 min.
A tightly executed moral drama of love and war, Sergei Bodrov's Academy Award-nominated film is based on Tolstoy's classic tale and set in the remote, austerely beautiful Caucasus mountains. Sacha, the dashing soldier (Russian heartthrob Oleg Menshikov, Burnt by the Sun), and the young recruit Vania (Sergei Bodrov, Jr.) are captured by a Chechen father who holds them hostage in his village home. The father attempts a prisoner exchange for his son, who is held by the Russian army, but is defeated by lackadaisical and inept bureaucracy of the
military. As the two Russians await their fate, a love gradually develops between Vania and their captor's daughter.

158 - The Prize English 2000 480 min.
Based on Daniel Yergin's Pulitzer Prize-winning best seller, this groundbreaking series tells the epic history of oil -- how it has come to dominate global politics, shake the world economy and transform our century. The Prize represents cinematic storytelling at its best, stranger than fiction, a tale that affects everyone's life today. You'll meet fascinating characters, see rare archival footage revealing the facts behind this global revolution, newly filmed segments and interviews with people who shaped the oil industry, who engage in a game of huge risks and monumental rewards. Includes: "Our Plan," "Empires of Oil," "The Black Giant," "War and Oil," "Crude Diplomacy," "Power To The Producers," "The Tinderbox," and "The New Order Of Oil."

5 - Pushkin, Alexander - English
The life and times of the great Russian poet. His influence on Russian literature and culture.

65 - Pyatachok Dubbed 58 min.

71 - Queen of Spades - Russian Subtitled 1960 102 min.
Based on Alexander's Pushkin's story, "Pique Dame," this powerful opera features music by Peter Tchaikovsky.

167 - Queen Victoria's Empire - English 2001 219 min.
Under Queen Victoria, the force of England's industrial and military power propelled the British Empire to its zenith. Prime Ministers Gladstone and Disraeli, and adventurers such as Livingstone and Rhodes, shaped a distinctively British imperialism. Donald Sutherland narrates this special, which uses personal accounts and historical reenactments in Britain, India, and Africa to reveal the frequent clash of personality and culture that would mark Victoria's reign. It is the story of how a small island nation would come to control three-fourths of the world's trade and one-fifth of its population in one of the greatest empires the world has known. 2 tapes.

2 - A Railroad Station For Two - Russian Subtitled (2 tapes)

45 - Rasputin - Russian Subtitled 104 min.
Director Elem Klimov brings history's most bizarre madman to life in this story of the illiterate "prophet" who brought Russia to its feet and sparked the revolution that toppled the throne.

94 - Reconquering the Conquest: Quebec - English
Nationalism & Belonging Series-6/6

151 - Red Dawn - English 1988 20 min.
This program shows the logic of the events that led from the failure of the czarist leadership to the success of the Bolsheviks and the installation of Lenin. It covers the ineffectual Nicholas, Alexandra, and Rasputin; the events of March 17; the czar's abdication and the new leaders--Kerensky, Trotsky, and Lenin; Lenin's seizure of power; the promises and the actual reality of destitution, starvation, and homelessness.

66 - Remember Your Name - Russian Not subtitled

160 - Return of the Czar (Yeltsin) - English 1999 60 min.
Almost a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is arguably more free than at any time in its history. But while the West has applauded the market reforms of former President Boris Yeltsin, in Russia there has been collapse. Today, as the country is being militarized, anti-Western propaganda is increasing. In pushing its ideas of reform, did the United States turn a blind eye to Kremlin crime and compromise the moral authority America cultivated throughout the Cold War? As career KGB officer Vladimir Putin -- Yeltsin's anointed successor -- is set to ascend to Russia's presidency, FRONTLINE takes an in-depth look at what Russia has become and why.

165 - The Rise & Fall of the City of Mahagonny - German 160 min.
A Salzburg Festival production of the Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht opera which depicts consumerism and ripe decadence within the mythical city of Mahagonny. Dennis Russell Davies conducts the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and the outstanding cast of singers includes Catherine Malfitano, Jerry Hadley and Gwyneth Jones.

89 - The Road to Nowhere: Yugoslavia, English
Nationalism & Belonging Series-1/6

202 -Russia: Land of the Tsars - English 2 DVD set 200 min.
Russia: Land of the Tsars illuminates the imperial past of the world's largest nation. At the heart of this epic tale are the figures whose names have become legend: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

195 - Russian Ark - Russian DVD 96 min.
A modern film-maker magically finds himself transported to the 18th century. There, he embarks on a time-traveling journey through 300 years of Russian history.

168 - Russian Trinity - English 84 min.
This program charts the rise and fall of Stalin's Russia through interconnected portraits of three of its most important institutions: the Kremlin, the ultimate seat of power; the Lubyanka, home of the secret police; and the Bolshoi Theater, a reward for the faithful.

46 - The Russians: People of Influence - English 30 min.
Politics and the People
How do ordinary Russians live? These unique and compelling explorations of life in the largest nation on earth will shatter many preconceived ideas about the Soviet Union.

47 -The Russians: People of the Cities - English 33 min.
Urban Lifestyles
How do ordinary Russians live? These unique and compelling explorations of life in the largest nation on earth will shatter many preconceived ideas about the Soviet Union.

48 - The Russians: People of the Country - English 30 min.
Rural Collectivism

How do ordinary Russians live? These unique and compelling explorations of life in the largest nation on earth will shatter many preconceived ideas about the Soviet Union.

117 - Sandra of a Thousand Delights - Italian Subtitled 1965 100 min.
A woman journeys back to her native town, ostensibly to attend a ceremony dedicated her her Jewish father who died in a concentration camp. In actuality she is seeking answers: did her mother betray her father, was her father a victim or a victimizer, and questions about her past loves.

49 - Scarecrow - Russian Subtitled 130 min.
An inspired look at life through the eyes of young teens. This glimpse of Russian youth is hard-edged, exposing the incredible cruelty that children can inflict on one another.

50 - The Sea Gull - Russian Subtitled 1971 99 min.
A sensitive, exquisitely acted version of Chekhov's great play, set in provincial Russia, a penetrating study of the languid melancholia of the residents of an isolated country estate.

207 - Seven Films from Seven Countries English 206
A Gender Montage; Paradigms in Post Soviet Space

51 - The Second Russian Revolution - English 253 min.
Enter Gorbachev 46 min.
The Battle for Glasnost 46 min.
The Yeltsin File 46 min.
Revolution from Below 46 min.
Breaking Ranks 46 min
End of the Beginning 69 min.

176 - Sisters - Russian Subtitled 2001
Times when the childhood was happy and solar - irrevocably have passed. The different time has come, hard and pitiless, and innocence has become its first victim... These girls share the same blood, but they hate each other. Dina is eight, she plays a violin and dreams of becoming an actress. Sveta is thirteen, she shoots perfectly, and wishes to become a sniper in Chechnya. These young creatures must live in the world where the wolf laws reign. In the world, where kidnapping and killing of children is the norm, and the law is only a pale and powerless phantom... Dina's father, who has just been released from prison, is in a difficult situation: his former criminal 'colleagues' accuse him

of stealing their money. These bandits are planning to kidnap his child, and the man has to hide both girls. But the refuge is unreliable, and children must run. They must run, not knowing where, with no money, no relatives or friends... During just a few terrifying days, two little defenseless girls will encounter all the horrors of adult life. They will mature in a matter of those few days. But they will learn that there is only thing exists, which is stronger than evil and injustice, and which will be able to save this imperfect world. That thing is Love. And the girls will grow fond of each other. They will become SISTERS.

52 - Slave of Love - Russian Not subtitled

53 - The Slowest Train - Russian Not subtitled

87 - Small Tragedies - Pushkin's Music
2 parts

193 -Snow Maiden - Russian Subtitled 1968 93 min.
The film is based on the play of the same name by Russian writer A.N. Ostrovsky. The Snow Maiden is the daughter of Father Frost and the beautiful Spring. Her icy heart had known no simple human joys, nor real love before she met Lel. His love and his warmth had melted the cold beauty's heart and made the girl see all the richness of the world around her. There are breath-taking landscapes, merry round dances, folk songs and games in the film - everything that makes a Russian fairy tale.
95 - Science fiction cult classic, Solaris is a mesmerizing and poetic masterpiece. From a futuristic orbiting space station come reports of strange behavior and unexplained hallucinations from the cosmonauts who inhabit it.
2 tapes

149 - Soviet Disunion:
Ten Years That Shook the World - English 1999 57 min.
This comprehensive 10-year history of contemporary Russia since glasnost and perestroika presents a dismal picture of a nation in disarray, battling with seemingly insurmountable economic, social, and political problems. Major topics include the election of Mikhail Gorbachev; dissolution of the gulag system; Boris Yeltsin's opposition to Gorbachev's initiatives; environmental legacies, including the disaster of Chernobyl; the break-away of the Baltic states; Gorbachev's arrest; the rise of Yeltsin; creation of the stock exchange; an explosion of crime; and decay of the military. Interviews with Gorbachev and with Russian officials Edvard Shevardnadze, Nikolai Ryzhkov, and former KGB chief General Oleg Kalougine provide insights into the causes and severity of the problems.

201 - Soviet Disunion: (same as above) on DVD

178 - Spring on Zarechnoi Street - Russian Subtitled 1956 96 min.
A young school teacher Tanya works at a night school for working people. But it's uneasy to get used to grown-up men, their constant attempts at flirting, their sometimes too manly jokes and comments. She is especially irritated by Don Juan-like behavior of Sasha Savchenko. She avoids his advances, and Sasha becomes so upset that he drops out of school. After a while, Tanya gets used to this new for her environment, finds in her heart an attraction to Sasha, and there comes Spring, exams time... This is one of the most lirycal and well-known films of a relatively liberal (after-Stalin) Khrushchev's era. Black and White.

67 - The Stepmother - Russian Not subtitled

82 - Taxi Blues - Russian Subtitled 110 min.
A hard-working, patriotic taxi driver starts to go over the edge when he meets up with a flaky, westernized, Jewish jazz musician who represents everything a taxi driver despises--and secretly desires. An unforgettable vision of a society at war with itself and coming apart at the seams.

189 - The Thief - Russian Subtitled 1998 94 min.
The Thief is the Academy Award-nominated haunting tale of passion, betrayal, and innocence lost, as seen through eyes of an impressionable young boy. Fatherless and homeless, six-year-old Sanya and his mother Katja endure the harsh existence of post-World War II Russia. When the handsome, charismatic soldier Toljan enters their lives, mother and son fall under his spell. Katja is seduced by Toljan's virility and confidence and Sanya warms to the soldier as a father-figure. Only after mother and child are hopelessly devoted to him does Toljan reveal his shocking true intentions and identity.

70 - The Thieves in Law - Russian Subtitled

166 - Threepenny Opera - German Subtitled 1931 113 min.
Lotte Lenya plays Jenny in this famous adaptation of Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill's play, freely based on John Gay's Beggar's Opera. In London at the turn of the century the best friend of a police chief, the bandit Mack the Knife, marries Polly without the knowledge of her father, Peachum, the king of the beggars, and thus starts a conflict between the beggars and the thieves. A newly remastered version. German with English subtitles.

183 - Two Tickets for a Daytime Picture Show - Russian Subtitled 1966
Alyoshin, a young employee of the Bureau investigating financial crimes, does not feel that his profession is his calling, and asks to leave. His chief does not object, but gives him one last assignment: to find out last detail of just completed operation: two criminals in foreign currency black market have used tickets to the same show and the same seat...

109 - Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano - Russian Subtitled
Assorted privileged characters gather at the estate of a general's widow for a weekend in the country. Though disappointed in one another's course in life, they flirt with resurrecting the past while intensely experiencing despair about their futures.

128 - Until the End of the World - German Subtitled 1991 178 min.
A killer stalks him. The threat of nuclear holocaust hangs over him. Yet Sam Ferber will keep going until the end of the world. William Hurt portrays uneasy traveler Farber in this futuristic adventure poised between the brink of the 21st century ... and the possible end of time.

172 -Vertical - Russian Subtitled 1967
This film is filled by an unforgettable voice of a famous russian singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. It is a story of mountain climbers, four brave men, who have gone to conquer the top of Caucasus. It is a story of survival in a rough icy conditions, a story of true friendship that helps to withstand all obstacles. The hardest ascention was completed, but the bad weather has overtaken daredevils only on descent... The film, as well as Vysotsky's songs, has outlived its time and space...

150 - A Very Russian Coup: The Demise of Commuism - English 1999 48 min.
Was it patriotism or treason that led Soviet military leaders to seize control of the government in August of 1991? This riveting program documents in detail the attempted takeover that marked a turning point in world history and resulted in the dissolution of the Communist Party. Marshal Yazov, the Minister of Defence; the Deputy Minister of Defense; and Boris Yeltsin's head of security candidly reveal their thoughts as co-conspiritors. Compelling archival footage of the struggle that played out in the streets, plus additional interviews round out the account of a moment in history when the eyes of the world were on Moscow.

55 - Video from Russia - Vladimir Vyssotsky - English 1986 46 min.

54 - Video from Russia - Women - English 1986 50 min.

125 - Virgin Machine - German Subtitled 1988 91 min.
Initially intending to write a story, a young journalist researches and tries to find romantic love in Hamburg. When her attempts seem fruitless, she tries her luck in San Francisco, where the search becomes more personal. There she is introduced to San Francisco's lesbian scene, discovers her own sexuality, and remains convinced, despite a minor setback, that romantic love can be found.

110 - Volga Volga - Russian Not subtitled

56 - War and Peace - Russian Not subtitled 360 min.
Director Sergei Bondarchuk's portrayal of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel. Part I: 120 mins.; Part II: 120 mins.; Part III: 120 mins.

28 - The War Novel (Glitch) - Russian Not subtitled

111 - The Wedding - Polish Subtitled 1994 110 min.
A bitter tale of the marriage of an intellictual to a peasant, their opposing views, the artist's inability to find a place for himself in the world and fruitless dreams of freedom. Wajda directs a film version of Wyspianski's great play, set in the village of Bronowice in the countryside near Cracow.

74 - When Father Was Away On Business - Serbo-Croatian Subtitled 1985 144 min.
Father has been sent away to the mines for fooling around with an object of desire of a Communist Party Official. That's the way things were in 1950s Yugoslavia. Eventually the family is reunited, and the 6-yr old Malik learns the truth about his father's in a poignant, bittersweet ending.

121 - White Nights - Italian Subtitled 1957 107 min.
Mario, a shy young man, meets a mysterious girl, Natalie, sobbing on a canal bridge. She tells him she loves a sailor who left on a long journey and promised to return in one year. The year is up and he hasn't arrived. Mario falls in love with her and has just persuaded her that the sailor will never return . . . when he does in fact appear.

133 - The Wild Child - French Subtitled 1970 86 min.
Director Francois Truffaut has created an absorbing drama, delicate and unpredictable as life itself. Based on the true account of Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard, a doctor at the Nat'l. Inst. For the Deaf and Dumb in Paris, this film follows the capture of a young boy who is discovered living like an animal in the forest. Itard removes the young orphan from the institute and takes him into his own home. Victor, as the boy is now called, becomes increasingly divided between his longing for the wilderness and his new life with the doctor.

107 - The Window to Paris - Russian Subtitled 1995 92 min.
A wildly-inventive comedy that alternates romance with outrageous slapstick. It is the story of a young musician who discovers a magic window which takes him from his rundown Russian apartment to the streets of Paris.

97 - The Window to Paris - Russian Not subtitled
A wildly-inventive comedy that alternates romance with outrageous slapstick. It is the story of a young musician who discovers a magic window which takes him from his rundown Russian apartment to the streets of Paris.

161 - Boris Yeltsin: A Legacy of Change - English 2000 87 min.
Boris Yeltsin dismantled the Soviet Union and destroyed the Communist Party -- and then resigned before he could create a political party to continue his vision or build the institutions necessary for democracy. This intriguing program traces Yeltsin's climb to the top of the Communist Party and his personal power struggle with Mikhail Gorbachev. Interviews with opposition leaders as well as many of Yeltsin's top advisers, including Eduard Shevardnadze, Boris Nemtsov, and Yeltsin's wife, Naina, provide a candid appraisal of a man who changed the course of world history.

118 - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Italian Dubbed 1964 120 min.
Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni star in this film that contains three different comic stories.